Whether you are a seasoned Golden Retriever owner, or have just picked up your very first puppy and are looking for some support and resources to help you best look after your new best friend, the internet is a wonderful source of knowledge if you look in the right places. Maybe you need to know how best to clean and groom your new pet, or maybe you need to know just how much a change in diet will affect him, maybe you want help with bonding with your new pet?

Relax, because here we have gathered together the top 5 websites for Golden Retriever owners, and in amongst this lot you will find answers to many questions, top tips, diet and lifestyle advice – anything you will need to know to make sure your dog lives a long, happy life at your side!

5: Rover.com

Rover.com has a wealth of knowledge and advice which applies to dogs in general, but they do have a dedicated Golden Retriever page which you can look at for any top tips you may need. Information includes areas such as things to take into account when researching getting a new puppy, general needs of Golden Retrievers and their social temperament, training information, size information and general characteristics.

The website also has some handy resources linked directly, such as to a breeder database to help you find a reputable breeder near you, a list of golden retriever rescues, a bit of history about the breed and they also paint a very good overall picture of what to expect if you choose to take on a new Golden Retriever of your own.

4: PDSA.org

The PDSA will always be a go-to place for dog owners, or indeed anyone with a pet. Similarly to Rover.com they paint a very positive, loving image of owning a Golden Retriever, and have an absolute wealth of information on the breed including an estimate of the monthly costs of having a Golden Retriever as a member of your family.

They also have a load of links to things such as Breed Clubs, who can offer advice on what medical tests or procedures your dog may need owing to them being a purebred. On top of that there is a section of common medical issues the breed are known to be prone to, with links to explanations in more detail of these conditions and what can be done to help.

3: Golden Retriever Forum

The Golden Retriever Forum is a website by Golden Retriever owners and enthusiasts, for Golden Retriever owners and enthusiasts. The forum is big, with over 52,000 members having contributed over 2.7 million posts and it remains very active.

Members can post requests, ask for advice, post pictures of their beloved pups and generally keep others up to date with the way things are going, so signing up to this site is a great way to surround yourself with like-minded people. Importantly, if you experience anything with your pup and aren’t too sure whether it is normal or how you should react, you would imagine someone on there has had a similar experience – so spending a little bit of time here seems like a bit of a no-brainer.

2: All About Goldens

All About Goldens is a blog site dedicated to the medium-large gun dogs themselves. As well as sharing a wealth of pictures and news, there are also sections about how to handle whelping puppies, how to make home-made treats and even how to breed the dogs if you are wanting to look into that as well. Importantly, the site follows this up with early-life care information for your new puppies from birth to eight weeks old, and has a section dedicated to Doghouses as well. This site is a must for any Golden Retriever owners to check out!

1: The Pet Vault

The Pet Vault may not hold a lot of information per-se about Golden Retrievers, but it does have a ton of stock available in its online store to help you stock up on the essentials, from Apparel, Collars, Grooming Products all the way to the mega-fun “Build Your Own Dog” sets of building blocks.

Toys, beds and plenty more are available there to help you keep your beloved pup entertained, and to show the world just how much you love Golden Retrievers. The toys and beds sections are particularly tempting for your dog, with keyrings and mugs among the offerings for their humans.

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